Sunday, August 2, 2009

Construction of our New Deck over the old foundation

TODAY IS THE DAY! Finally hubby is starting my new deck. This is the long Civic Holiday weekend August 1st, 2009 This is the mess we have right now. As you can see, they built this deck/porch years and years ago, probably in the 50's and it was all made out of concrete. Over the years they have painted it, added outdoor carpet, whatever they could to make it look better. This is a picture of the horrible mess of carpet outside that has started to grow moss from the dampness and is very slippery when wet. One day I stepped out the door and went right down on my butt

I want it all to disappear so we are going to build right over the existing concrete foundation. The top floor and the steps will vanish under the new decking.

Stay tuned because we will be showing some pictures as it progresses.


Kylee Groves said...

How’s the deck now? Bet it’s still standing and in great shape because you all did a great job! :D Treating the deck and cleaning it will definitely help increase its service life. Also, be sure to immediately repair small nicks or damage you might encounter to prevent it from getting worse.

- Kylee Groves -

Angelina Garcia said...

I love these pictures of your deck in progress! It’s pretty cool to see how your deck was taking shape. What lumber did you use? And did you stain the wood? That would have been a good way to keep the wood protected. And it’s usually easier to clean stained and polished wood.

Barrett Elmore said...

The pictures remind me of the outdoor deck renovation we did last year. Just like you, I used to capture the progress of our renovation project. It feels great when you gradually see your improvements. You get to see in the end how much time and effort you have spent just to make this deck construction a success.