Friday, February 19, 2010

My newest venture

This is my first set of flowers that I have made for my second shop on etsy. In the next few weeks I will be loading all different colors and designs to my shop......

I have decided that it isn't good to have all your eggs in one basket. Having a success full Internet business means you need to be on top of the current trends at all times.

Having one shop with one line or design is a good thing as it attracts that specific buyer and keeps them interested in your shop but it doesn't help you sell when they aren't buying.

I have decided to open up my other 2 shops and have a specific product for each of them as well...

The second shop I opened up was and that is where I originally started to list my sewing creations. I am re-opening it and it will become my handmade supply shop. I will mainly be focusing this shop on handmade organza, satin flowers.

These flowers can be used on knit and crochet hats, trim around tops and dresses, hair clips and bobby pins...there are actually a multitude of uses for these flowers.

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